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Certified IQ Tests

What is an IQ?
IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. IQ has been a recognized measure of intelligence for the last century around the world. However, the various tests and scoring models have changed and improved drastically since they were first used in the early 20th century.

Today, IQ scores are measured against a bell curve representing the normal distribution of intelligence scores for the specific test being used. It is important to recognize that an IQ score does not represent a person's knowledge. Instead, it measures intelligence, or a person's mental aptitude. IQ is more of an indicator of potential than of realized ability.

What is a Certified IQ Test?
A Certified IQ Test, such as the free online IQ test we offer, is an IQ test that has been developed by professional accredited psychologists for the purpose of measuring a person's IQ using a series of challenging questions.

Certified IQ Tests are tested vigorously prior to being made widely available to ensure that they offer a fair testing experience, as well as reliable results for all users. They have been validated statistically by PhDs in their field in order to guarantee the most accurate results possible.

What does my IQ Score tell me?
An IQ score is not a scientific or unchanging number. It can change slightly depending on the test and your frame of mind when you take the test. However, IQ is known to be an indicator not only of your own intelligence, but also of career potential, social status, the intelligence of your children and even your mortality.

By taking our free online IQ test, you will gain invaluable information about your mental abilities, as well as the ability to compare your score to the rest of the world!

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